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Inaugural Exhibition of Online Art Gallery

Online Art Gallery welcomes You

Online Art Gallery welcomes you all to our first online exhibition. It is our first inaugural Exhibition with that we are launching our Online Art Gallery.

Online Art Gallery is powered by Bundelkhand Art Society. As Bundelkhand Art Society has its main object to promote art & artists in every possible way. We are officially pleased to announce that we dedicate this platform to all art lover, students and artists globally.

Now lets talk about this inaugural Exhibition, Bundelkhand Art Society presents the online art exhibition titled- “Inaugural Exhibition-2020” with the work of its official members only along with some guest & Invitee artists. We want to promote our members globally & showcasing their work. We are providing international exposure to our members so that they can obtain maximum benefits for being associated with us. However, Bundelkhand Art Society with its Online Art Gallery conveys its gratitude & thanks to all its members, officials and Society’s staff members. Best of luck to every one.

Our Motivator

Mueen Akhtar

Mueen Akhtar is an Art Educationist, Artist & Art Promoter. He is the person who dreamed for this platform. His continuous effort, hard work, & dedication create this Online Art Gallery. He is the main motivator of this show. So far as the painting of Mueen Akhtar is concerned, this is his abstract work. He painted this beautiful Abstract painting with acrylic on Canvas. The Second one is one of his watercolor painting series.
Online Art Gallery
Untitled Abstract_Acrylic on Canvas
Online Art Gallery
Mueen Akhtar_Airplane Series_Watercolor on Paper_21X28inch

Guest Artists

Jan Min (Holland)

Jan Min picked up his passion full time after the year 2000. Since 2015 he is a committee member of IWS Holland (International Watercolor Society). Since 2017 he is officially master member of IWS World. He likes transfer suggestive and evocative landscapes, preferably maritime subjects, nature and urban scenes. He attended many international exhibitions & workshops around the world.
Online Art Gallery
Jan Min_blue tram, Krakau
Online Art Gallery
midnight sun Arctic

Maureen Maki (America)

Online Art Gallery
Maureen Maki is an Abstract Artist who experimented and add collage in his work. This Artist from California created some great work of Collage with abbstract painting. Here are some examples.
Online Art Gallery
Montecito Rebuildmmsm2
Online Art Gallery
World of Fire

Other Honorable

Ajay Mishra (Tonk)
Online Art Gallery
Pink City Street_Acrylic on Canvas
Dheeraj Khare (Jhansi)
Online Art Gallery
Untitled_Acrylic on Canvas
Ankur Verma (Lakhimpurkhiri)
Online Art Gallery
Untitled_Acrylic on Canvas
Avinash Kaur (Indore)
Online Art Gallery
Still Life_Acrylic on Canvas
Vinu (New Delhi)
Online Art Gallery
Untitled_Acrylic On Canvas
Shrinkhala Sahu (G Noida)
Online Art Gallery
Family_Acrylic on Canvas_Shrikhala Sahu
Dr. Sunita (Jhansi)
Dr. Sunita_Mother
Kamini Baghel (Jhansi)
Online Art Gallery
Womens_Acrylic on Canvas
R. K. Soni (Jhansi)
Online Art Gallery
Cumulus the fire 1_Acrylic on Canvas
Mridula Saxena (Jhansi)
Online Art Gallery
Sita with Garun_Oil on Canvas
Sahiba Siddique (Jhansi)
Abstract Painting_Mix Media
Dr. Taruna Mathur (Varodara)
Online Art Gallery
Lady Alone_Acrylic on Canvas
Anand Narain (Ghaziabad)
Online Art Gallery
Anand Narain_Creative Landcape
Anjali Prabhakar (Bhopal)
Online Art Gallery
Covid Effect
Manhar Chauhan (Mathura)
Online Art Gallery
Indian Tradition
Umesh Sahu (Tonk)
Online Art Gallery
I am
Dr. Sachin Saini (New Delhi)
Shaila Siddique (Jhansi)
Online Art Exhibition
Untitled_Acrylic on Canvas
Vikrant Jha (Talbehat)
Online Art Gallery
Train_Watercolor on Paper
Brajesh Pal (Jhansi)
Online Art Gallery
Portrait_Watercolor on Paper
Parul Sosa (Surat)
Online Art Gallery
Incredible mind of women_Acrylic on Canvas

Life Time Members

Online Art Gallery
Neha Karane_Melancholic Sight_Charcoal on paper
Pratibha Sardar_Mother Nature_Acrylic on Canvas
Online Art Gallery
Jayasree Sarkar_Mother_Acrylic on Paper
Online Art Gallery
Online Art Gallery
Preeti Agrawal_Untitled_Acrylic on Canvas
Online Art Gallery
Munish Kumar_Last stage of Life_Acrylic on Canvas
Online Art Gallery
Amit Vishwakarma_Milk Eye
Online Art Gallery
Priyanka Richhariya_Creative Landcape_Acrylic on Canvas
Online Art Gallery
ShashiKanti_Sargam Vena_Acrylic on Canvas
Online Art Gallery
Neha Tiwari_View of Folk_Acrylic on Canvas
Ankita Jain_Untitled_Acrylic on Canvas
Online Art Gallery
Dharmendra Kushwaha_Landcape
Online Art Gallery
Bhawana Dubey_Landscape
Online Art Gallery
Khushboo Sahu_Creative Face
Barkha Agrawal_Untiled
Online Art Gallery
Nitesh Panchal_Nature_Watercolor on Paper
Online Art Gallery
Laxmi Tripathi_Radha Krishna_Acrylic on Canvas
Online Art Gallery
Shailendra Kumar _Modern Nature
Online Art Gallery
Upasana Jain_Ma Saraswati
Online Art Gallery
Madhavi Nirala
Shweta Jain_ Budhha
Palash Awasthi_ Shabri Ram Milan
Meraj Fatima
Durgesh Kumar_Collage
Monika Agrawal
Maya Devi
Online Members' Art Exhibition-2021
Priyanka Pal
Swati M Jain_Buddha
Online Art Gallery
Anuradha Raikwar_Composition
Gauravh Chaturvedi_Landscape_Acrylic on Canvas

74 thoughts on “Inaugural Exhibition of Online Art Gallery”

  1. Palash awasthi

    Great pleasure for me to be a participant of this memorable exhibition,thankyou soo much
    And great thanks to my gurus

    1. बहुत ही अच्छी पेंटिंग्स है सभी की परन्तु जो मर्म तरुणा माथुर की पेंटिंग में है वो दिल को छू गया

    1. Dr shobhana singh

      Eye soothing modern women in the world of dominating man society. Fabulous contemporary painting showing reality of life. Congrats Keep it up

  2. Neha shrivastava

    Hello sir i am artist muhje bhi bexhibition karna hai painting llagana hai plz informe me ..i am neha shrivastava bhopal

  3. Neha shrivastava

    Hello sir iam neha shrivastava plz munhe bhi exhibition me painting lagna hai to plz inform me …thankyou sir

  4. Ms Kirty Shrivastava

    Excellent performance by all. Should be held frequently and be given more publicity so that all artist can access the information and the hidden talent of public can come in front.

  5. Abhilasha Soni

    Beautiful work by all the artists…online art exhibition is so wonderful…all d best to the team. It will be great if we interact with the artist too.

  6. Dr. Taruna’s painting is Brilliant!
    Very Much enjoyed the show.
    Hope you take it to other places for more people to see.

  7. Pratibha Sardar

    Superb paintings by all the respected artists… pleasure and thankful to work with BAS jhansi and also thanks to my gurus…,

  8. Pratibha Sardar

    Superb paintings by all the respected artists… pleasure and thankful to work with BAS Jhansi and also thankful to my gurus,

  9. Exceptional art work by all artists.
    Special mention for Dr. Taruna Mathur’s work which touches a cord in my heart.

  10. Parabjit Singh

    Very thanks for this online art gallery
    All the painting are excellent and selecting one as best is not possible

  11. Lady alone by dr. Taruna is absolutely amazing painting. Represent strength in every single lady.

  12. Krunal khedkar

    All the painting are awesome.. but mother nature acrylic on canvas of Pratibha Sardar i liked the most..

  13. Dr. TARUNA’s lady alone is actually depicting every women story from SITA to contemporary women. Excellent experience to witness your painting 👍👍👍👍.

  14. Its amazing, nice to visit virtual exhibition of great artists. Few of them are heart touching too specially from Dr. Trauma. All the best to all participants. Good going

  15. Its amazing, nice to visit virtual exhibition of great artists. Few of them are heart touching too specially from Dr. Trauna. All the best to all participants. Good going

      1. Ashish Chaurasia

        All painting are truly amazing Work of art. It shows that painters are far more intuitive then a scientist.
        I specially enjoyed work of Swati M Jain and Nitesh Panchal.

  16. thanku so much bundelkhand art society nd munnen sir because this is my first online exhibition ….all painting are awesome 🥰

  17. Great to visit this gallery .Excellent work by Artists. Keep it up. Its a perfect blend of passion tradition feeling creativity and most importantly expertise.Beautiful……..

  18. Painting Buddha made Swati M jain is truly beautiful. It gives immense peace on looking at buddha. Never imagined that a vibrant colour like orange can be used so nicely to show peace . Fine line work done on lotus petals and stem is eccentric and make them pop up beautifully.

  19. Navishi Suryavanshi

    A great artist has great power of heeling the pain of society how the fuck do people do this shit .nice and beautiful painting and excellent drawing I also try to make beautiful painting and drawing 👍👌👌

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